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PNLA l’Ammoniaque

As the keystone of their much anticipated return, PNL has released a bewitching and dreamlike music video directed by Kamerameha, Kim Chapiron and Mess, produced by QLF Records and executively produced by Phantasm. Announcing their next album with the track "À l’ammoniaque", the duo takes us on a journey dotted with large expanses, stars, and sunbathed landscapes. A touch of freedom that foreshadows new artistic horizons for a powerful return beyond expectations.

  • Director Kamerameha, Kim Chapiron, Mess
  • Production QLF Records
  • Executive roduction Phantasm
  • Director of photography Benoît Soler
  • Color Mathieu Caplanne, Gabriel Porier
  • Finishing Supervisor Cyril Chantereault
  • Finishing Antoine Richy, Yves Delforge, Mael Gaumont, Clément Papin
  • Finishing Diego Cordier Royer, Jean Charles Kerninon of Brunch
  • Supervisor on set Guillaume Nadaud
  • Nightshift Post Producer Kim Phoung